Sweetwater Speedway

2023 Season Taking Shape
Wild West Modified Tour Comes to Town
Kirkland wins Rock Springs ASCS Frontier Finale
2023 Season Taking Shape

2023 Season Taking Shape

1/6/2023 -
The 2023 racing season is starting to take shape. Racing will begin Memorial Day weekend with the Wyoming Dwarf Car Showdown. This will the the only
Wild West Modified Tour Comes to Town

Wild West Modified Tour Comes to Town

6/5/2020 -
The Wild West Modified Tour will be headed to Sweetwater Speedway on June 19th and 20th. With the COVID-19 Pandemic this will now be the first stop f
Kirkland wins Rock Springs ASCS Frontier Finale

Kirkland wins Rock Springs ASCS Frontier Finale

8/14/2022 -
(Image Credit: Jeff Quinn) ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. - Trever Kirkland added to his points lead when he won his third ASCS Frontier Region sprint car main ev

Results for June 30 & July 1


Sweetwater Speedway

Results for June 30 & July 1

Justin Wright took home his first win of the season in his 1w IMCA Northern Sport Modified. He took the lead from his brother Jason and while they battled back and forth, he was able to hold him off long enough for the win. Yeager was also the Hard Charger of the night advancing nine spots in the feature. The IMCA Stock Cars saw Dillion Lawrence of Utah taking home another win in the stock cars. Lawrence was able to make the pass on Henderson, but he did not give it up easy. Hutchinson, Henrie and Hartmann kept trying different lines to make it to the front, but ran out of laps. Justen Yeager took home the win in his 33Y IMCA Modified on Friday, June 30th. He started deep in the field, but picked off the competition one by one. Delp, Payne, Tafoya and Donelly all battled it out for the remaining top 5 spots. There were a few Dwarf Cars that made it to the track on Friday. Casey Hofer of Fort Bridger easily took home the win with Allen Hacking and Troy Gardner in second and third respectively. June 30 Sport Mod Feature Results 1. 1W Justin Wright, 2. 83J Jason Wright, 3. 2D Chuck Delp, 4. 10 Anthony "A.J." Fierro, 5. 28 David Pitt, 6. 33J Josh Pate, 7. 5 Verlon Lee, 8. 14s Traeger Sperry, 9. 19 Myron Kaml, 10. 35 Slade Pitt, 11. 60 Asher Redmond, 12. 20 Larry Kaml. Stock Car Feature Results 1. 3L Dillion Lawrence, 2. 21 Ed Henderson, 3. 88 Beau Hutchison, 4. 2H Gene Henrie, 5. 7 Brent Hartmann, 6. 62 Kasey Bright, 7. 01C Lakota Cleveland, 8. 6 Kelly Lee, 9. 57 Ron Swanson, 10. 17 Tanner Ensign. Modified Feature Results 1. 33Y Justen Yeager, 2. 2W Casey Delp, 3. 12 Reed Payne, 4. 24R Regan Tafoya, 5. 24JD Jake Donnelly, 6. 46 Bert Beech, 7. 10F Rick Fierro, 8. 33By Braxton Yeager, 9. 25J Jason Donnelly, 10. 14S Kelly Smith, 11. 7w Bryan Wordelman, 12. 22D Chris Delp, 13. 01C Lakota Cleveland, 14. 13 Ronnie Roy, 15. 83 Kevin Wright.

Saturday the VRW and American Legion from Green River and Rock Springs came together to put on an amazing color guard presentation utilizing the drivers and cars. It was a great moment that allowed all participants to pay respect to those who have served and are still serving our country. It was a great way to kick off the nights events that saw Slade Pitt take home his first win in his 35 Northern Sport Mod. Slade had to battle back from trouble early on and cautions keeping him in the back, but he was able to work his way to the front. Slade’s victory lap was complete with his dad cheering him on from the exit as he finished eighth in the same event. The Stock Car feature had the drivers swapping positions on the tack the entire race. They were three wide for several laps, with Gene Henrie brining home another win. This is his second at the track this season. The Dwarf Cars buzzed around the track again with Casey Hofer taking home another win. Troy Gardner cut down a tire and Allen Hacking finished second. Casey Delp in the 2w took home his second win of the season at Sweetwater Speedway. He was challenged for the lead several times by Beech and Tafoya, but he was able to hold them off. Jake Donelly was the hard charger for the night moving up ten spots to finish fourth. Sport Mod Feature Results 1. 35 Slade Pitt, 2. 83J Jason Wright, 3. 1W Justin Wright, 4. 2D Chuck Delp, 5. 10 Anthony "A.J." Fierro, 6. 33J Josh Pate, 7. 20 Larry Kaml, 8. 28 David Pitt, 9. 14s Traeger Sperry, 10. 5 Verlon Lee, 11. 19 Myron Kaml, 12. 60 Asher Redmond. Stock Car Feature Results 1. 2H Gene Henrie, 2. 3L Dillion Lawrence, 3. 88 Beau Hutchison, 4. 7 Brent Hartmann, 5. 01C Lakota Cleveland, 6. 21 Ed Henderson, 7. 6 Kelly Lee, 8. 62 Kasey Bright, 9. 57 Ron Swanson. Modified Feature Results 1. 2W Casey Delp, 2. 46 Bert Beech, 3. 24R Regan Tafoya, 4. 24JD Jake Donnelly, 5. 33By Braxton Yeager, 6. 22D Chris Delp, 7. 14S Kelly Smith, 8. 25J Jason Donnelly, 9. 10F Rick Fierro, 10. 7w Bryan Wordelman, 11. 13 Ronnie Roy, 12. 12 Reed Payne, 13. 01C Lakota Cleveland, 14. 83 Kevin Wright.

The next races are scheduled for June 21st and 22nd. A Candy Dash will be held during the intermission along with some great give-a-ways to all the fans.

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